Saturday, April 14, 2012


I woke up this morning and cant stop listening to this song. Tak seindah wajah by S.M Salim. This is type of Malay song that I love to listen to and everytime I listen to it, its really brings back the old memories. My childhoods memories. I use to listen to this song with arwah while he's driving in his car. And he sang me this songs.. Such a nice feeling but somehow my tears keep falling while listening to the melodies and its very meaningful lyrics..

I feels so far from everything lately. I feels so old and getting older make me feels even worse. Its hard to working on something if you feels like nobody will appreciate what you do no matter how hard you try. Pretending to be happy seems even lot harder each time. I guess maybe I just forgot how to appreciate things that I had before I lost it,again..

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